Document Review

It’s time for highly defensible, cost-effective document review.

Document review is often the most time-consuming and costly part of litigation. This process entails analyzing an organization’s body of information to determine which documents, files, and other sources of information are relevant to a legal proceeding. At Proteus, we accomplish this with an adaptable data-culling approach that avoids common pitfalls by employing:

Timely and Responsive

Responsive and accurate document reviews in a timely and cost-effective manner, plus regular communication with the attorneys managing the litigation to ensure correct review and deadline compliance.

Easily Accessible Data

Coding palettes to address your specific project requirements (or where unique data sets may not be ripe for traditional document review).

Reliable and Flexible

Uniform review protocols supported by a daily question log where reviewers react dynamically (and project managers can resolve responses with your input in a project-wide decision log).

Constant Updates

Transparent daily and weekly project reports designed to help you stay on time and on budget—including graphics showing the reviewers’ rates, the total number of documents reviewed, and our overall progress.

Art Meets Science

Forensically-sound, well-documented, and commonly acceptable approaches that use cutting-edge document analysis technology to cut through the clutter.

Reduced Cost

Well-trained, focused attorneys providing review services at rates that are frequently up to 75% lower than traditional law firms.

Meet Ray Biederman

A recognized industry leader with proven document review management skills, Ray has the institutional knowledge and ability to conquer the most critical, time-sensitive, and intricate data projects.

Ray Biederman