Your eDiscovery project is unique.

So is our approach.

Don’t let eDiscovery overwhelm you and your organization. Start with a solid information governance plan to ensure that your data is usable and optimized, and then choose a partner who specializes in the eDiscovery field.

At Proteus, we have developed a unique approach to improve both the efficiency and accuracy of the eDiscovery process.

Our leadership team are all attorneys, and have extensive experience in hardware and software applications across industries.

Our process has helped our clients prepare for events including M&A due diligence reviews, DOJ investigations and  electronic discovery requests in civil actions.


We discuss your existing document policies, the architecture of your data systems, and the people behind your project at the outset of our first engagement.


We work closely with your internal resources to maintain an open dialogue regarding data collection and preservation considerations.


By acting as your electronic discovery consultant, we can negotiate production specifications and explain considerations at the Rule 26(f) stage. Then, as data issues arise, we can work with opposing counsel to find solutions (and avoid getting bogged down in costly motions practice).