Information Governance

Begin your ESI strategy with a solid information governance plan.

Proteus can help you design an information governance strategy custom-tailored to the realities of your organization. From record-keeping policies to ideal data structures to appropriate access controls, we can help you draft, maintain, and implement the necessary protocols to keep your organization afloat—even when things get rough.

We take governance seriously, because as litigating attorneys, we’ve seen legal outcomes resulting from foresight (or lackthereof).  Whether you’re struggling with document retention policies, acceptable use provisions, litigation hold requirements, or BYO-device guidelines, we know that a thorough, usable, and defensible information governance plan can make all the difference.

Without a comprehensive data plan, your organization is almost certainly headed for a collision. Whether it’s due to data loss or theft, the inability to locate critical information, or a failure to maintain digital records, the costs of being unprepared can be staggering. As ethical requirements evolve alongside technological developments, organizations can no longer afford the risks of navigating without a solid information governance plan in place.