Getting document review production right requires the right people.

Our leadership consists of attorneys from “big law” backgrounds with over 50 years of collective experience. This makes us particularly sensitive to the production demands placed on attorneys, firms, and companies throughout the course of litigation. Perhaps that’s why we’re so focused on providing services and results that are repeatable, defensible, credible, and timely.

And it’s certainly the reason we believe that producing the right documents—not more, not less than precisely what’s required for your project—is absolutely critical. Any discovery process may face scrutiny from the court, opposing counsel, or even stakeholders in your own organization. For this reason, we painstakingly document every decision and step of the discovery process in an organized defensibility binder that memorializes the entire discovery plan. This catalog is an invaluable tool for understanding and justifying subsequent decisions and changes, and it’s an integral part of every one of our engagements.

Meet Jon Mattingly

As an experienced litigator, Jon appreciates how important accurate output is to every project—and how proper production plays an increasingly critical role in modern litigation.

Jon Mattingly